• Christina Ketcham

Resilience in the Time of Coronavirus: Part 3

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Yesterday, I wanted to take advantage of the sun, knowing that there will be rainy days to come, both literally and metaphorically.

I ended up on the beach, wandering and letting my body guide me. I found myself gravitating more towards the cliffs and rocks than close to the water’s edge and naturally it happened – I started looking out for rocks, shells and sea glass. Now, we all know I’m not native to the ocean, I’m a desert rat through and through and if you ask me, I’m mountain not beach. It’s not in my norm to look for sea glass or seashells, but rocks… I LOVE collecting rocks. I’ve done that ever since I was a kid. My mom likes to make fun of me and tell tale about all of the rocks I’d bring home anytime we’d leave the house. No, she’s probably not exaggerating.

Here’s what I noticed about my hunt – I was present, I was in wonder and I was joyful. I had hit the beach with a full head, thinking of the state of the world and its implications, and suddenly, I was indulging in my childish whims. I was in awe of my findings and impressed with my ability to find them – conquering the world one pretty stone or shell at a time.

With that experience in mind, let me make my third resilience practice offering to you – engage in something you delighted in as a child. When we were little, we were learning the world around us. We found our joys and we found out what we were afraid of. These things that brought us joy, hold strong today because they were our original ways to find resilience. Sadly, some of them faded as society or our environment changed our perspective on what was “cool” or “okay.” However, our bodies remember that those moments and activities were important, as was made obvious to me by how naturally I kept to the rocks – I was looking for the opportunity for joy. Today, try to tap into that part of yourself, let your body guide you to what it instinctively knows it needs, and, even if things are scary, let that joy into your day.

If you feel so inclined, share your childish delights with us in the comments! Or, reach out if your are having a difficult time accessing that part of yourself!

Stay safe and spread love.

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