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Ode to Holiday Triggers

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

As much as we love the holidays, it's also a time in which we find ourselves in close proximity to many of our triggers. To celebrate and bring awareness to this, I wrote a little poem which describes some somatic reactions to holiday family time. If this resonates with you and you want to change your holiday experience, we're here to help! Set up a free consultation to see how we can help salvage your holidays!


Ode to Holiday Triggers

It’s finally time, it’s finally here,

Food, family and maybe some reindeer!

I’ve bought my tickets and rented a car,

I just can’t wait to hang up that star.

But wait, what’s this I feel?

A bit of nausea, not from a meal?

My mind’s racing. Oh no, what a fright!

Oh, why, why does this always happen before a silent night?

I walk through the door and the familiar surrounds me,

It’s so pretty and cozy, but how can this be?

My chest feels tight as my family approaches,

A feeling of dread quickly encroaches,

I try to enjoy the night with good cheer,

Then suddenly I’m afraid to be here,

I snap at my mom in 2 seconds flat,

I don’t even know why or how I could do that,

One more glass? Oh, no I’ll take three,

In fact, I’m going to take the whole bottle with me,

I head to my old room to hide from the fam,

Chugging my wine while clutching a stuffed baby lamb,

Here in my room, I ponder my life,

As far as I remember there’s no need for this inner-strife,

They’re my family, they love me right?

And yet, here I am stuck in fight or flight,

I’ve worked through my issues, I swear I’ve tried,

My life is transparent, I’ve nothing to hide,

Then why can’t I speak up to the aunt I adore,

When she asks why I haven’t dieted more,

My family, I love them, and when I’m away,

I miss them so fondly, but not on this day,

I’m plagued by my patterns, bad habits have won,

This season I’ve waited for, I now want to be done,

I try to blame others, and sure, they play a role,

But my sad behavior is hurting me as a whole,

I can do better, I know it, I must,

My mind agrees, but my body is full of distrust,

It's time to be present, awareness is key,

I’ll thank my body for taking care of me,

With gratitude and a open heart,

I’ll move forward so that next year will be a new start.

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