• Christina Ketcham

Let's Talk About Change! Looking to Life After Coronavirus.

Let’s talk about CHANGE!

My entire business and life mission is about helping people move through change and take control of the person they become afterward. With all the recent fears about COVID-19, I’m feeling a strong call to action as what I really see it all coming down to is CHANGE.

No one knows how long this is going to last, but what we’re experiencing is real and I expect the changes in some ways to be lasting. Our schools are getting shut down, our employees being sent home to either work from home or wait until operations can resume, events and travel are getting cancelled around the world.

While, yes, schools and companies will reopen their doors, hopefully soon, in the interim there will be change; change in the way we do business, change in how much time we spend with our families, change in how we communicate with each other, and change in the way we deal with challenges because we will be facing new ones every day.

Sound scary? That’s totally fair, change IS scary in a lot of ways. However, I have been pondering the presentation given by Laura Pynson the other day in the exploration of the Masculine vs Feminine and see how much the gifts of the Feminine are what are about to make or break us right now. This is the time to dust off patience, kindness, creativity, forgiveness and unwavering love as we enter into a new relationship with our families, partners, clients and the world as a whole!

I want to step forward into these changes with you and open the conversation about your fears and your gifts!

What are your fears?

Who do you want to be going forward?

What support might you be needing in the days to come?

Where do you feel you might need to grow in order to face the unique challenges in front of you?

I’m here to talk about all of it and help you figure out what might be a good path for you!

I know we can get through this together!

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