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  Have you recently been affected by a death, divorce, or other lifestyle change? At Sereno Relief Services, we have taken it upon ourselves to change the way people in the Santa Barbara area experience unexpected life events by giving them the choice and time necessary to prioritize their own healing.  We do this by providing personal change management services as well as somatic coaching services that are tailored to the specific needs of the client and situation - often taking on the practical and burdensome details that inevitably accompany such an event.  

   Our unique concierge services are designed to encourage the client to rely on their strengths and support system, as well as to fill in where a natural support system does not exist.  We are a responsive service - we meet you at a place convenient to you and strive to accommodate your schedule!

Sereno is a woman-owned, Latinx-owned, local Santa Barbara business and is a Salvadoran Cultural Broker.  Spanish translation services provided.

Disclaimer:  Sereno Relief Services is in no way a crisis response or mental health service.  If you find that you are in an emergency or crisis situation that requires the aid of emergency services, such as the police or hospital, please dial 911.

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“Christina was introduced to me by a mutual friend. The moment we spoke about somatic life coaching and the intentionality behind it~I felt like I was given a wonderful gift that over the next few months unfolded in such a beautiful organic way. 
I was at a place in my life where I felt stuck, the record was playing on repeat and I needed a shift. 
Christina always met me with openness and could tune in to where I was emotionally and energetically. She would drop in and assess before suggesting what would be most helpful in the moment and to be able to move forward. I learned from Christina new ways to listen to my body while I was making decisions and communicating  through difficult situations. Each session with Christina left me feeling peaceful,  grounded and more capable to honor my commitment. 
I will always remember the last session we had, it was like finishing a really good book that you don’t want to end. At the same time a feeling and knowingness came over me that was so powerful~the work that Christina had guided me thru was here to stay. There was no going back~only moving forward. 
My experience with Christina and her practice changed my life and gave me tools to use for everyday practice in embracing the changes I want to see in my life.



"I first came to Christina because I was searching for a way to break some of the negative behavior patterns that I’d had for years and always seemed to pop up whenever I was dating or in a relationship.

I’ve tried traditional therapy in the past and it never seemed to give me the lasting results I was looking for. Desperate after my most recently breakup, I found Christina and learned about somatic coaching and it seemed like the perfect fit for me! Christina is incredible at listening and asking the right questions at the right time. I always felt safe, comfortable and welcome in our sessions. We would often do exercise that may have seemed silly to me at first but in the end ALWAYS helped me grow and get closer to my goal or as we called it, my ‘commitment.’

The best part of this whole experience is that within just 2 short months I not only felt a tremendous change in myself but those around me began commenting on the positive changes they saw as well. Now months later I feel so much more confident and secure in myself. I notice myself stoping to listen to the cues my body sends me. I speak up for myself and feel worthy of doing so. My relationship with myself and others is healthier than ever! Christina’s coaching changed my life and I am forever thankful for that." 


"Christina walked into my crisis - ridden life and literally 'saved me from myself.' After months and months of paralyzing stress because of health concerns, relationship loss and then needing to move out of my home of the last 12 years because of a change in ownership - I literally didn’t know where to begin or what to do first.  In her calm and gentle (yet focused) manner, Christina addressed all my concerns. She helped me to be realistic about my financial parameters, filled out endless piles of rental applications, visited various properties with me and each and every day reminded  me to eat and to take deep breaths when she witnessed my breakdowns and despair.  When I ultimately found my new home, she helped me pack and meet necessary deadlines and essentially organized each next step for me. She is punctual, accommodating, innovative, creative and a wonderful ally, especially when I wasn’t able to  find solutions and all I could see were the obstacles in my path. Christina reassured me  it would 'all work out' and indeed it has, but I could not have gotten through this difficult patch without her.  Crisis confidant, friend, and woman with many talents and gifts, I would not hesitate to recommend her help in most any situation."
Santa Barbara Ca