Somatic Coaching

Gain the Power of Choice

"...My relationship with myself and others is healthier than ever! Christina’s coaching changed my life and I am forever thankful for that."

Coaching with Christina 

  • Reconnect with your body and get to know yourself better than you ever have.

  • Develop a plethora of tools to reach for in your most uncertain moments. 

  • Face the world from a place of choice instead of survival 

I have based my work and life’s mission on helping people through their most trying and overwhelming moments.  I have stood in awe at the resilience of those facing insurmountable challenges and held compassion for those who find themselves in turmoil time and time again.  I have learned that truly, the biggest battle we face is with ourselves.  I was drawn to Somatic work, specifically to the Strozzi model of Somatics, because of its focus on the person as a whole self who has built themselves to survive in whatever conditions they were raised in. 

Within my coaching practice, I endeavor to create a safe space where you can start the long journey of learning the difference between your defining qualities and your reactions.  I want to help you see yourself in your most honest state and help you build into a future that honors both your past and who you most long to be.  This journey might be right for you if you’ve been trying to move forward but constantly find yourself in the same place, if you or people in your life feel that you don’t know how to live in the present, or if there are old patterns that are keeping you from being your best you.

What is Somatic Coaching?

Wondering what Somatic Coaching is?  Don't worry, it's not just you, we get that question all the time! 


Basically, Somatic Coaching refers to coaching an individual as a whole.  This methodology recognizes the wisdom of the body and emphasizes the importance of reconnecting the mind and body in the journey towards embodying your ideal self. 


Need more info?  Keep scrolling to see our services and our "Why Somatic Coaching?" section, or call/e-mail to book your FREE Intro session!  Christina will explain the entire process to you, make sure your concerns are addressed and explore the possibilities with you as you determine whether the journey is right for you!  

Offer Details

At this time we are not accepting new clients

We offer a FREE 30-60 min consultation/intro session to define your goals and make a plan.  Once you become a client, you have the option of having sessions in home/location of your preference (for example, at your office) or online! 

Why Somatic Coaching? 

Early life traumas and events train us to survive. These habits and patterns worked for us when we were young but don't always help us as adults, when our lives are more complicated and nuanced. However, by the time we are adults, they have become so engrained in our understanding of ourselves, that we don't believe they can be changed.  What we see about these patterns and habits is that they most often reveal themselves to us during a time of stress, such as the stresses Sereno’s clients have recently gone through.  We are offering Somatic Coaching now, in order to help our clients address these tendencies and build a better skillset for future stressful events.